It’s that time of year again, where we scramble to figure out which areas of our lives need fixing or improved upon, making resolutions to do better. A new year, a fresh start. Anything is possible. And it is.

Yet, I think the piece of this puzzle most of us seem to miss is that in order to create something new, we need to get complete with what’s in the past. Otherwise, we carry it with us, unknowingly, and it keeps us from truly being able to move forward freely and powerfully. It’s kind of like carrying an invisible suitcase filled with bad memories, bad experiences and bad karma. We drag it around, it becomes heavier and heavier, and we don’t even know it’s there, so how can we put it down?

As we step into the final hours of another year passed, I encourage you to take a look at what’s in your suitcase and, piece by piece, lay it down. Is there someone you’ve been withholding forgiveness from? An estranged relationship? Maybe even a nagging grudge with a neighbor or coworker? Have you been struggling with insecurity in some area of your life?  Perhaps laziness or procrastination over starting something or handling something? These sorts of things fester in the background of our thoughts and, if we don’t acknowledge them and their utter lack of power over who we really are and what we are really capable of, they start to become a part of us. We can no longer act separately from that piece of who we’ve become.

Make a phone call. Apologize, even if it’s to yourself for something you’ve been feeling guilty over. Reach out. Declare forgiveness. Declare the past in the past, whatever it is and however painful. Declare that it’s gone and holds no power over you. And, once you’ve laid all of that heavy baggage down, declare a new possibility for yourself and your future. Who you’re going to be. What you’re going to accomplish. What you want your life to stand for.

Here’s a tip. The sky is the limit. 🙂


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