Hello & Welcome!

If you’re here, I want to acknowledge and thank you for taking time out for yourself in seeking a more powerful and fulfilling life. You might be wondering what a life like that would even look and feel like. That’s what I’m here to help you visualize and create!

My commitment to you is to bring my decades of experience and education in psychology, social behavior, philosophy and shadow work to help you see and understand your belief systems and patterns that shape your life experience and outcome. Together, we will discover the hidden barriers of childhood wounds and societal expectations that are holding you hostage and standing in your way of a life that feels authentic, peaceful and purposeful to you. We will explore a powerful framework which will provide a clear pathway to knowing and embracing your true self and confidently communicating and creating from that space.

In other words, we will work together to create a clearing from all of your past hurts and fears from which you can finally bring your true and divine nature to the world around you.

Whether you are struggling with trauma, insecurity, unhealthy relationship patterns, communication, self doubt or just feeling held back or uncertain in life, I’m here to help, in any way that I can.