About a year ago, I had revelation. It was the culmination of my own life experiences, the experiences of many of my clients and an undeniable, Divine intervention.

For many years, I have experienced tremendous anguish over the condition of the world and, in particular, the breakdown in family values, marital values and Christian values. Everywhere we look, we see divorce and single parenthood, we see cynicism, resentment and fear inside and out of relationships, we see men blaming women and women blaming men. We see true masculinity and true femininity being devalued and suppressed. We see misery, desperation, loneliness and brokenness. We see children lost, misguided and suffering.

I have dug deep into research, prayer and introspection to find the causes to this and, more importantly, to find solutions. The revelation began to come to me that what we are experiencing is a complete breakdown in the integrity of God’s perfect design, His perfect gift to us. And that the only solution to finding true workability, peace and joy within relationships is to accept and embrace that gift.

I met Coach Fred West and his beautiful wife, Clare, almost immediately after this revelation. It became instantly clear that this was a God-inspired appointment. The Wests had been working to develop a scripturally-founded coaching program for couples (and soon individuals) seeking a Godly marriage and all of the blessings that come with it. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure and privilege to contribute to this process and to the overall project and I am beyond excited that it is finally available to you.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing more information and content about the Head & Heart Project, and you’ll get to know the Wests and their relentless conviction and obedience to this work. For now, I invite you to follow the┬áHead and Heart Project┬áto learn more and stay up to date!

It is with abundant gratitude and humility that I thank you all for your support in all of my endeavors. This project comes with a greater passion and greater need than anything I have previously worked on. It also comes with greater challenges, like enemy attack and censorship. Fred, Clare and myself humbly ask that you keep us in prayer and that you share our content and mission if you feel called or inspired to do so.

In Christ,


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